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Bertils casino advantages

Bertil casino
Bonuser: 1000kr i bonus + 250 free spins
Date created: 1987
License: Malta
Contact Us: Live Support

Bertils casino provides lots of game and bonuses to players. Before the bonuses and games, I would like to mention the types of games. There are two different gameplay techniques on the online gambling website of our casino. The first gameplay technique is table or board game. Our website lets you access to board games database if you want. In this boards, there are no live dealers. Everything base on a manual system. In this manual system, computer deals cards. After that computer becomes the caller. That is all that in this board based. In the second type of game play in Bertil  casino is live dealer casino systems. In these systems, there are lots of equipment such as webcam, microphone and some card readers and touch-operated game tables. In this system, information is transferred to players immediately. View of the table is transferred to players with a very little delay. In this system, there are dealers that on the camera, they deal you cards and have a conversation with players. Basically, just like real dealers in the real casinos. These systems provide better communication and satisfaction. This satisfaction of players also provides more players on our website.

Bonuses of our casino

Bertil online casino has wide spectrum game bonuses such as weekly bonuses, welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, loss bonuses and free spin bonuses. Let me describe these all bonuses. The first one is the weekly bonus. In the weekly bonus, members of our website get some additional bonuses in each week. These bonuses require nothing to get. You just need to member of our website. The second bonus is the welcome bonus. When you register our website, you will get some welcome bonus after you deposit money. That amount can change according to the money that you have deposited to our website. This is the best Bertil bonus in my opinion because welcome bonus gives you half amount money of you have deposited to the website. So, if you deposit 100 dollars in first, you will get 50 dollars additional bonus. The third bonus is no deposit bonus. In this bonus, after you join our website, you do not have to deposit any money. You will just receive some additional bonus just like 50 dollars. This is the difference between a welcome bonus and no deposit bonus. The fourth bonus is a loss bonus. After, you lose all of your money in your account, you can get this. The last bonus is Bertil free spins bonus. To get this free spin bonuses, you have to invite your friends or someone. After you invite them, they must join our website. These free spin chances not only for you but also for your friend. So, you can spend your free bonuses on the roulette games or slot machine games.

Design of our website

As I said in the description, our website is a Swedish based online casino. As you all know, Swedish designs are popular on the worldwide. To provide this popular design culture, we worked with professional designers for a long time. Bertil Sweden thought everything for players. After this project, we have done our equipment and our workers. We got our professional game boards. To provide a stylish website, we worked with some professional internet specialists.

What kind of games our website provides?

As you all know, real casinos include lots of games within. So, we tried to add all games but some games are more popular in online casino organizations. These popular games are Poker, blackjack 21, dice games, slot machines and roulette tables. Also, our website supports some games on mobile devices. These games are poker, roulette, blackjack and slot machines. Bertil mobile system will be ready for all games soon. We work on this update.

Opinions of customers

After we created our website and casino services, we created a survey. After this survey, we got some comments. I will share them under this heading:

"I was always a lover of casino games and gamble. I was going to some cities to play it. But then I discover online gambling websites but most of them were bad and untrusting. After these all things, I have found the best website for me. Also, in this website, there was a live dealer. That was so good. Bertil.com gained my trust.

That comment was on our survey. Let's look at another player;

"I am playing gamble games to earn money. That is also my passion and my income source. Before this website, I could not withdraw my money sometimes. So, I decided to find a reliable website. Then I met with this website. Whenever I want to withdraw my money, they invest in my bank account quickly and immediately. I was shocked because generally, these kinds of websites tries to take your money but this website is awesome. I will always play in here. Thank you all!"

As you see in Bertil casino review, there are lots of people select and like us.

Security of customers

Before we create this website, the first rule was security for us. After all things, we worked with professional internet service providers and professional cyber security workers. When you play on online games, you give information to us and this information must be hidden. Because of that, we work with professionals.

General opinions about our website

In our website, there are different kind of bonuses for to our customers. With these bonuses, they can get lots of money and lots of advantages. Also, we provide a wide spectrum variety of games to our player. From poker to dice games, there are lots of games. Our website was created to be the best casino website, because of that we worked with professional designers and planners. Also, our website supports mobile devices. In mobile devices, you can play poker, blackjack, roulette and slot machines. After this all things, we are working on a mobile application. Our customers are satisfied as you see. If you want to play best casino games online, join us!

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