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What should you look for in a deposit bonus?

The kind of bonus mentioned above is primarily offered to newly registered members at sites in Sweden, and works as a way to draw in new customers; after all, odds are you don't want to risk your hard-earned cash at gambling, especially at an unfamiliar website. That being said, tens of thousands flock to gambling platforms daily, so surely, they can't all be wrong? The lingering, longing chance of becoming a millionaire through nothing but a few lucky clicks when you play slots, or some kind of table game; well, it's not hard to understand the thrill of it. We'll list some of the pros.

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The phenomena mean that you get a certain bonus percentage when you make a deposit on your chosen casino. Usually, it's something along the lines of 100, 200, or even as high as 500% on up to a certain amount of money. For example, 100% is on up to 1000kr. Does this mean that this particular bonus only is viable up to that number, anything above that? Well, you won't get extra money, simple as that.

Something that's unsurprisingly a common follow-up question to this is "Which one is the best of them all?". In other words, which site online offers the best bonuses when you make your first deposit. Well, there isn't much of a straight answer to this. It varies, and of course, depends on what you want. For example, you might be most interested in a high bonus percentage on your first deposit bonus, or maybe rather as much bonus money as possible no matter how much you have to deposit.

Like previously stated, some platforms will have offers like "500% up to 500kr," which is a somewhat reasonable amount. But, in rare occasions other platforms will have more, let's say bold offers, like "100% up to 20.000kr". So, as we can see, there is indeed quite different options when choosing your bonus - therefore you should carefully consider where to take your business, to make sure you gain as much as possible from it; based on your needs and preferences of course.

Sometimes you'll even get specific bonuses by signing up via your mobile.

How to calculate your bonus

Let's take a look at how you can easily calculate how much you'll gain from different kinds of deposit bonuses. Let's face it; not all of us are math geniuses. This is how you too can figure out how much money you'll have to play with after your deposit is made.

For example, if you take a bonus along the lines of "100% on up to 1000kr". Let's say you deposit the full amount of 1000kr that means you get another 1000kr - as your bonus - to play for. Think of it like this, your deposit times one; that's how much you'll get as your bonus. Well, in this case, that is. The sum of it all is that you deposit 1000kr, and all in all get a  whooping 2000kr to play for. Double the money, double the fun.

But what about when it says 75% up to 1000kr then, or maybe 50% bonus on up to 2000kr, or 25% on up to 4000%? If numbers are not your forte, you might feel like you're completely in the dark right about now. You just came here to play, right? Not to get flashbacks to your middle school math classes when discussing deposit bonus.

We'll start easy. 50% means you'll get half of your deposit in return, as a bonus. That means, if you deposit 1000kr as in the example above, you'll get another 500 as your bonus.

When it's 75%, you'll get three-fourths of your deposit. Sticking with the example of 1000kr, in this case, you'd get another 750kr. 25% is similarly one-fourth of your deposit.

Different kinds of bonuses.

Oh, maybe it's somewhat confusing keeping all these numbers in mind. As a rule of thumb, just think that the higher the sum of money that's after "bonus up to x-amount," the lower the bonus percentage - well, generally speaking, that is. Very rarely you'll see "200% on up to 10.000kr" - understandably, as that would be quite the loss for the company offering it.

It is, however, more common to see examples like "25% on up to 20.000kr". Consider though, using the bonus in this last example; you'd have to deposit 80.000kr to gain the full 20.000kr potential of the bonus - which for most people is a ton of money. When you view it like that, all of a sudden it doesn't seem like that great of a deal. Also, most bonuses come with wagering requirements. Meaning, you have to wager the sum of your bonus a set amount of times before you can withdraw it. But wait! There is an important concept that we have yet to touch upon.

Namely, deposit bonus without wagering. There are free spins free of wagering, so why wouldn't there be such bonuses too? Well, the answer is simple. It is rare simply for the reason that the company offering such bonuses surely would see quite the loss from it. Usually, you have to wager your bonus a certain amount of times to make sure you as a new customer won't withdraw your bonus money straight away, without even gambling for it. Say, using the 25% on up to 20.000kr example from before; you put 80.000kr into a gambling platform. You get 20.000kr as your bonus. Without wagering, you'd be free to withdraw that 100.000kr and be on your merry way. That's, understandably, a quick buck for you, but a huge loss for the casino. Hence; wagering demands.

Hopefully, this article did its job and helped you figure out whatever it is you were wondering about. Maybe you wanted to learn about how bonus percentages work, or what kind of different bonuses you can find out there, or how to go about making sure you chose the best one. If you still feel confused, check out some reviews, that usually helps the process. Either way, good luck out there.

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