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Pick a good No deposit bonus

It's hard out there, especially so for casinos. Nowadays, they basically have to offer something extra, something above the rest to draw in customers. That's why some gambling places online opt to offer bonuses with no wagering requirements; this makes new customers feel warmly welcomed, as well as giving them the opportunity to try multiple different slots - still with the chance of making some handsome winnings. This is a good way to keep the reviews happy, and more importantly; keep the customers at their site. The best deposit bonus is usually a combination of several different bonuses; all put together to make sure you get the best gambling experience possible. A good bonus is upfront, and honest about what the client is getting; in other words, you're not going to feel ripped off and cheated, as well as making them feel comfortable at their chosen site. In this article, we'll talk about what kind of deposit bonuses there are to be found out there, in Sweden and globally, how good (or bad) they really are, and what you should keep in mind when choosing.

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MrGreen 4 100% upp till 1000kr + 120 freespins Visit Review
Rizk Casino 4 200% i upp till 1500kr + 50 free spins Visit Review
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Bertil casino 5 1000kr i bonus + 250 free spins Visit Review

What is a deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus is, not very shockingly, a bonus you receive when you deposit money at a gambling site. At some places, you'll find that they only offer this kind of bonus with your first deposit, whilst others apply it to multiple; it depends. Often there's a minimum sum in order to receive a said bonus, commonly 100kr. These limitations are there for a reason though; we'll get to that later.

A bonus without deposit can vary a lot in shape and form; maybe you'll get riskfree spins/games, or maybe you'll get extra money with your deposit - maybe both. The purpose of these bonuses, however, is to make your experience the best it can be; mainly for new customers to make sure they come back for more. There are a few things you should remember when you want to partake in a bonus; let's discuss what more in-depth.

Wagering requirements

Some sites offer a free bonus, but most don't. Usually, the wagering requirements are x30 or x50, or anything in between. This means you have to wager, to play for, the amount of your bonus 30 or 50 times before you can withdraw it; basically, before it becomes your money. This means if you received 2000kr in bonuses, and the wagering requirement is x35, you'll have to wager 70.000kr in order to withdraw your 2000kr. This is a very important aspect to consider when you're about to start gambling at a new website. Actually, if you deem the wagering requirements to be too high, you should probably take your business elsewhere, since you very likely won't be able to wager too much money, and hence; never see your bonus money. If you're well aware of what the site requires of you, you'll spare yourself the disappointment of not being able to withdraw your money. Wagering requirements and fees, however, are put in place for good reason. They exist so new costumers simply won't withdraw their bonus money straight away, without gambling at all. That being said, gambling platforms with a no deposit bonus usually draws in more players.

How long does the deposit bonus last?

Well, speaking about the duration of these bonuses seems to be next on the list. Some sites offer these bonuses for an unlimited time, or at least a lengthy one, while at other companies, you'll have to use them all the same day you received them. If you, as an example, get free spins, a lot of the time you'll have to spend them quickly. However, at some websites, you can collect different bonuses and save them for whenever you so desire. At the end of the day, it's up to you to figure out what suits you the best and choose accordingly. It all depends on what you deem to fit your needs; if you have the time to spend your entire bonus in one day - chose that. If you'd rather savor it, and save it for just the right occasion, well, you know what to do. This is why you should always take some time to consider a gambling platform with one without a deposit before you jump on board.

Types of deposit bonuses

As previously mentioned, there are different types of deposit bonuses. However, what they all have in common is that they're made to give you as a customer the best gambling experience, to make sure you feel welcome at their site, and of course, to make you want to come back for more of the good stuff. The most common way to accomplish this is by offering free spins and percentage bonuses as a deposit bonus. Remember, you can sometimes get special offers on bonus without deposit by playing from your mobile.


The most popular aspect of gambling sites is, without a doubt, slots. With great graphics, neat sound effects and how they're simply so easy to play, while still giving you the chance to win big. It's no wonder they've gained the massive popularity they have. A lot of online casinos offer a certain amount of free spins with your first deposit, and then another few every other week or day. Others give you the full amount of spins at once. Either way, it's a good deal. You should though, as always, consider what option is optimal for you; again, do you want to savor your bonuses or spend it all in one place. Some sites will give you free spins just by signing up – making it ones without deposit. This is neat and clearly shows the company truly appreciates it clientele. Not very common, however.

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