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We all remember that when casinopop online casino was being launched, there was extreme hype surrounding it

Bonuser: Bonus upp till 7000kr + 100 free spins utan insättning
Date created: 2016
License: Malta, United Kingdom
Contact Us: Live Chat Support

Every casino player was talking about how great this thing would be. Then somebody leaked how it would have the traditional themed casino interface and we all went crazy. Safe to say, it lived up to its expectations, even exceeded it. It was promising, exciting and a whole lot of peculiar experience that the players were looking for. It was definitely a myth, that any Maltese licensed casino wouldn’t deduct taxes from the winnings but with casinopop, that turned into reality!

First things first, so let’s talk about the casinopop bonuses. As soon as you enter the website, and sign up for it, there is a bonus waiting for you already. You get your immediate welcome bonus on the first deposit you make and a whole lot of spins. Then you have to make your way through the levels to keep earning the rewards. The rewards are in spins such as epic spins and etc. Casinopop has introduced the casinopop free spins that are the most rewarding thing on earth right now! If you enter it, you are guaranteed to win something. The rewards begin as soon as you play your first game and they keep adding until you get a nice fat check to cash out from! But just beforehand, for any casino, knowing the terms and conditions is essential and we advise you that you absolutely go through them before you start playing!

A lot of people would always ask, ‘what is so different about casinopop that the others are not offering?’ It’s true, every casino has its own way of saying that we are the best but seldom do things differently. And that is exactly what casinopop has done here. The leveling system works in an ascending order. On the first level, you would have lesser rewards and as you keep going, you will be kept rewarding with free spins and what not. Moreover, with the ultimate prize, the jackpots, you can win something that is huge. Loyalty points are a concept that many game engines are now introducing. Basically, they make you stick to one service provider. Now someone who has used casinopop frequently would always come back to it because it would be more rewarding for him, and hence, stay as a loyal user. It’s simple, no one can buy the highest spot on the membership and everybody has to earn it.

Now let’s move towards being lucky. There are rewards that are there for your loyalty and then there are random winnings such as the daily and weekly ones. If you’re coming back daily, you can have a free spin and if you get lucky; you could possibly win big every day. This is how they come;

  • Monday: Bonus Spins
  • Tuesday: Double points up for grabs. Each point you earn is doubled, adding to your tally more quickly.
  • Wednesday: Play online tournaments that are quick paced and won’t take much time. This is how you get a chance to win against other online players.
  • Thursday: This is the day when you have to grab all of your discounts.
  • Friday: This is a mystery. It could be anything so there is no way you can skip out on a Friday

From what we have told you above, it becomes impossible to miss casino pop on any of the days and that is why it has gained such popularity over the U.K. The rewards and winnings are so well sought because the developers felt that there is a need for an online casino that thinks about the players as well and not only focuses on earning for them. They keep a small margin for themselves and keep the majority of it for the players to win.

The website has to be given 10 out of 10 from all angles. It’s extremely quick, and with brilliant graphics too. The navigation has been made really easy. It is imperative for a site to have well-organized pages when they have 1000 of titles to choose from. The developers have put great effort into making it the most user-friendly system that can best entail the gamblers.

Mobile support is another major advantage. If you re looking for an android or iOs device, you don’t need to because that is not what casinopop requires. It wouldn’t put you in the most heated 21st -century debate rather it has the perfect compatibility for your mobile browser so you don’t have to get all worked up. Just grab a Smartphone and start playing already. Casinopop mobile has certainly become a favorite!

The support staff is always on their toes too. Whenever you need to reach out to someone for any kind of problem or query, just head over to the live chat option. The response time is extremely quick and if there’s something on the email that is lengthy, then there is always that. Moreover, you can also call and ask.

Casinopop Sweden has gained much popularity over the years because of the fact that it is present in Sweden language and the locals can have the advantage of playing in the local currency.

Lastly, the important factor is security and safety of information. Rest assured that casinopop reserves all of the information and does not lend it to any third parties for that matter. Whatever method of payment you have, you can feel safe about your financial details. It is certainly a concern when depositing money online or posting your information on the web but casinopop has firewalls in place that would prevent any hacks or something that would compromise information.

The game fairness is also ensured through random number generations and no bias is present in the software. Just one of the things that make this experience great!

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